VobSub 2.23 is a free utility that allows viewing subtitles when playing videos
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VobSub 2.23 is a free subtitle filter for Virtual Dub and Direct Show. It allows viewing subtitles when playing videos in any software player, like Windows Media Player.
Version 2.23 includes Subresync for fixing subtitle sync problems, SubMux for muxing SRT subtitles (and audio tracks) with AVI/DivX files, VOBSub cutter, Sub Cutter and Joiner. It also allows to extract subtitles from DVD VOB files and displaying them in your DivX movie during playback.

Once you install VobSub, you will be able to see subtitles in a DivX video, provided you have a .srt text file with the subtitles, saved in the same folder than de .avi file, and with the EXACT same name than the .avi, except the extension.

When playing, a green arrow will be shown on the lower right of the Task Bar, indicating that VobSub is being used.

You can access the program double-clicking over that green arrow.

There you can view and modify some setting, and access to some information about the video been viewed and the program itself. Note: the Homepage indicated in the program doesn´t work anymore.

You can also access the configuration of the program clicking on Start, Programs, VobSub, VobSub Configure.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It works smoothly with no configuration at all


  • There is no documentation included, and the homepage indicated in the program doesn´t exist anymore
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